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Getting Started

Using RockeTalk


About RockeTalk

  • What is RockeTalk?
    RockeTalk is a downloadable application that lets you send any combination of text, voice, pictures, audio or video, as a message to anyone (or group), anywhere in the world, from any mobile phone or computer to any other mobile phone or computer.

  • How much does RockeTalk cost?
    RockeTalk to RockeTalk is free, but carriers may charge data service rates for downloading and using the application with a limited or no data plan. We recommend that you contact your carrier about an unlimited data plan, usually available for a flat monthly fee, in order to avoid counting bytes like you do minutes.

  • Do I need a data plan from my carrier to use RockeTalk?
    Yes, you'll need to contact your carrier about getting a data plan before downloading and using RockeTalk.

  • Which phones does RockeTalk support?
    RockeTalk works on many Java and Symbian phones. For a complete list of supported phones please see (Supported Phone List)

  • RockeTalk isn't available for my phone - will it ever be?
    We're working to make RockeTalk available to as many users as possible and are continually adding new phones. If we don't currently support your phone, we encourage you to periodically check

  • Does RockeTalk work everywhere?
    RockeTalk can be used from any supported mobile phone provided your carrier does not block access to our servers on the Internet. Sending messages to a non-RockeTalk enabled phone is currently supported on US based phones only.

Getting Started

  • How do I download RockeTalk onto my phone?
    Please check the easy instructions on our download page to download and install RockeTalk on your phone

  • I received a text message on my phone with a download URL, but I can't click on the link. What do I do now?
    Sending text messages with the download URL is NOT supported currently. We are working on geting this to you soon. If you face this problem when we do support this feature the reason could be that some phones don't automatically hyperlink URLs within text messages, so you may need to manually type the URL into your mobile web browser. Please see your owner's manual for more information.

  • How do I install RockeTalk once I've downloaded it onto my phone?
    The installation process should start automatically once you've downloaded RockeTalk to your phone from using your phone's web browser.
    If you transfered the installation file from the Desktop to the phone, then just select that file on your phone and click enter on it or go to Options and open it. This should start the installation process. The installation process has a few steps that needs your interaction : [Please understand that this is not us making you do this, its the Phone's operating system].

    - The phone might prompt you with a warning that the Application is untrusted or source not verified.
    Just answer YES to continue installation.

    - The next question is if you want to Install RockeTalk ?
    Please answer YES to this.

    - Then an Options screen may be displayed with some choices.
    Please select the option that says Install and click OK.

    - [This step is applicable ONLY if you already have RockeTalk installed on your phone].
    You will be prompted with a choice to Replace an existing version with the version you are installing.
    If you want to replace your existing RockeTalk application, then just select YES.

    - Then the phone will prompt you to select either the Phone memory [Ph. mem.] or the Memory card [M. card].
    Please select the Ph. mem. [currently we do not support installing on the Memory card. We are working on this and we will have this support very soon].
    - You should see the installation bar and after its done, RockeTalk application should be installed and you should get a Login screen.

    At this point RockeTalk installation process is complete and you should be able to login with the RockeTalk ID and password that you picked on Thankyou and Welcome to the world of RockeTalk!!

  • How do I start using RockeTalk once I've installed it onto my phone?
    To begin using RockeTalk, access your mobile phone's list of downloads and/or applications and select "RockeTalk." (Since RockeTalk requires mobile Internet access, your phone may ask you to confirm your Internet connection at startup.)

Using RockeTalk for mobile

  • How do I send messages using RockeTalk?
    If you know the user's RockeTalk user name [or ID] you can type it in directly in the To box. This is the ID or name that was used during registration.
    Alternatively you can add him as your buddy and then pick the address from the buddy list.

    You can enter an e-mail address in the To box to send messages. You can send any combination of text, voice and picture to RockeTalk IDs and e-mail addresses.

    You can enter a phone number to deliver voice messages. [CURRENTLY THIS IS SUPPORTED ONLY IN THE USA AND CANADA]

    You can send messages to multiple destinations by entering combinations of the above address types.

    You can login to our website to create Groups and type in the Group name to send messages to the group.

  • How do I enter multiple recipients?
    Multiple recipients [upto a maximum of 10, consisting of RockeTalk IDs, RockeTalk Group IDs, e-mail addresses and phone numbers] can be entered in the To box separated by ";" OR ",". While in the To box, on some phones, pressing "*" will popup option to insert special characters.

  • How long of a voice message can I record ?
    RockeTalk currently supports up to 30 seconds of voice recording.

  • Sometimes it stops recording before the 30 seconds and says "Timeout Send partial message" ?
    RockeTalk currently has a limitation on inserting voice along with a higher resolution picture. This is a temporary limitation and will be fixed soon.

  • Sometimes I get a message saying Picture too large?
    RockeTalk currently has a limitation on inserting a higher resolution picture. Please set your camera resolution [Image Quality] to Medium or Low and try.

  • How do I change my camera resolution [Image Quality]?
    On most phones, when the camera is active, if you click on Options, you will see a Settings option. Clicking on this will allow you to set the Image Quality for the pictures taken. Please refer to your Phone's Manual for more details.

  • How do I delete RockeTalk from my phone?
    The process for uninstalling RockeTalk will depend on your phone. But in general you'll need to:
    - Access your mobile phone's list of downloads and/or applications and highlight "RockeTalk."
    - Select "Delete," "Remove," or the like from the list of options or settings associated with RockeTalk.

  • Can I not play my voice messages on the Loud Speaker?
    We understand and share your feelings on this issue. Currently we do not support playing voice messages through the phone's internal speaker. We will have a fix for this very very soon.

  • When I try to record voice using the Send button, another application [VoiceSignal] is started on my phone?
    We have identified this issue with the RockeTalk co-existing with VoiceSignal application on the phone. Currently we do not have a workaround for this problem. If you are stuck with this problem trying to use RockeTalk for the first time, please uninstall VoiceSignal from the phone and then try.


  • I've tried downloading RockeTalk onto my phone, but I keep seeing error messages. What gives?
    First, please visit to make sure RockeTalk will work on your phone. If it does, and you continue to experience problems, please email .

  • I'm trying to download RockeTalk, but my phone says it's coming from an "unverified" or "untrusted" source. What does this mean?
    If you see an "unverified" or "untrusted source" message when downloading an application to your phone, it means that your carrier can't figure out who you're trying to download it from. The application will work as normal even if your carrier can't determine its source. The software industry generally identifies an application's "source" using a combination of digital signatures and trusted third parties (e.g., Verisign). But the majority of phones sold by carriers don't yet support this practice.

  • RockeTalk isn't working like it used to. What can I do to return things to normal?
    First, try quitting and restarting RockeTalk. Next, try turning your phone off and on. If neither of these resolves your issue, please email

  • I have more questions about RockeTalk. What can I do?
    That's easy. Just contact us at, or join our discussion boards to discuss RockeTalk with other users [will be coming soon].